Fat controlled by supplementation of chitosan

FATAGONE is the most suitable for people who are worried of body shape due to excess fat.
FATAGONE is presented as a small tablet containing 97% chitosan.

Chitosan is an animal dietary fibre extracted and produced form chitin, which is in the shell of crab and shrimps. The effect of chitosan can not be realized if crabs or shrimps are taken as food.

FATAGONE (chitosan) absorbs the fat contained in the food taken and gets it excreted out from the body.

Take 5 tablets together after a meal with water or warm water without chewing. It is more effective if these are taken at three times a day.

FATAGONE is packaged in a portable container which is convenient for carrying.


    Nutritional supplementary food
    Content of Chitosan : 97% (150 mg/grain)


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