BIOLACT is a freeze-dried Lactobacillus acidophilus product designed to supplement lactobacilli of chickens for the early start and maintenance of a well balanced digestive microflora.

Food toxicities, physical handling, injections, overcrowding, dietary deficiencies, water deprivation, debeaking and excessive heat or cold often occur in commercial poultry flocks.

It is generally recognized that such stresses may lower the chicken natural resistance and immune response to infectious diseases. These stresses may also depress or eliminate the normal protective Lactobacilli microflora of chickens and clear the way for infections by opportunistic bacteria.

Lactobacilli are the predominant group bacteria in the anterior gut to chickens.

It has been recognized for more than 50 years that the maintenance of a vigorously fermenting lactobacilli a low pH in the crop can help in protecting the upper intestine against colonization by harmful bacteria.

L.acidophilus strain used in BIOLACT is isolated from chicken, and therefore is adapted to chicken. It multiplies rapidly in the chicken gut compare with other non-specific strains. It is compatible to major antibiotics to minimum of 500mg/ml.

Chicken host specific Lactbacillus acidophilus Skim milk,
Vitamin complex   L-sodium glutamate
In vitro coculture of Staphylococcus aureus with BIOLACT
In vitro coculture of Escherichia coli with BIOLACT
Chicken were challenged to heat stress at day 9 and day 16 for 48 hours at 42°C to observe the effect of such on body weight.

Mix into the drinking water at 1,000 bards per vial.

For day old chicks at time of the placement
Before and after of the vaccination
Before and after of the transfer
For removing of the stress

  1,000 doses size vial.
  * Store in dry cool room.
* Avoid from direct sunlight, high temperature and moisture

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