Selfeed CF
An enzyme feed supplement designed to facilitate digestion of animal feed for livestocks with the more concentrated enzyme..

An enzyme feed supplement with maximum utilization of the nutrients in animal feed.
It contains a broad spectrum of cellulose which contains following : Exocellulase and Endocellulase, NUZYME also contains high unit of a amylase. By this combination of enzymes, NUZYME works best for animal feed with high ratio in fibre content. Silica dioxide (SiO2) is used as carrier which is known to promote the growth of animal bone.
Is specially designed to improve feed intake and apptide of live stock.
is natural product with aluminum silicate as main component.  It is activated under the natural acid environment and has the strong absorbent characteristics.
is a feed supplement for poultry and swine.  PIGIEFEED improve its livability.
PIGIEFEED is an enzyme feed supplement designed to facilitate digestion of animal feed for livestock.
is a kind of powder form nutrition basis product. It contains a special blended vitamins and lactose that combined with a group form of proteins blocks delivery from the cow first milk.
Is a freeze-dried Lactobacillus acidophilus product designed to supplement lactobacillie of chickens for the early start and maintenance of a well balanced digestive microflora.
Is the only product in the world to combine antigen specific antibodies (immunoglobulins), porcine specific and antibiotic tolerant lactic acid producing microbial and lactose hydrolysing enzyme.
is a mixed feed designed for livestock, containing lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus subtilis.
Three Power
A mixed feed containing Lactobacillus and digestive enzymes. There are three different products, one each for pigs, cows and poultry.