NASFEED is natural product with aluminum silicate as main component.  It is activated under the natural acid environment and has the strong absorbent characteristics. 

NASFEED absorb the toxic substance, excessive water or mucous in the rumen(stomack) and intestine.

NASFEED absorb potassium(K), which mainly include in the protein derivation from plants.

NASFEED is effective to reduce aflatoxin B1, virus, and bacteria with its powerful absorption activities.


Silica dioxide ( SiO2 )
Feed for poultry:       Mix 0.2 - 0.4 % into the feed.
Feed for swine  :       Mix 0.15 - 0.3 % into the feed.
Store dry cool room. 
Avoid from direct sunlight, high temperature and moisture.
20 kg paper bag

The Characteristics and Efficacy of NASFEED
  1. The NF is activated under the natural acid environment and shows the good absorbent characteristics. 

  2. The NF is used for the absorbent (binder), carrier, catalyst, filler etc., by its solid wide surface area and kation exchange volume. 

  3. The NF may absorbs various of nutrient substance (vitamin etc.) in trace but it does not harm or effect when mixing into the feed. 

  4. The NF’s absorption of the toxin and bacteria in the digestive system is not a simply physiological mechanism but also by the formation of lake.

  5. The NF acts as the mucous membrane coating and the antiacid agent.     It absorb the toxic substance , excessive water or mucous in the rumen (stomach) and intestine.

  6. The NF can absorb the ammonia and reduce its odor, the laboratory data shows its efficacy of reducing the smell through duration of time.

    After 30 minutes - 37.3%  less
    After 60 minute - 46%    less
    After 90 minutes - 57%    less
  7. The NF can absorb potassium (K), which mainly includes in the protein derivation from the plant, and the absorption rate increase by the addition of NF.

  8. The NF can absorb aflatoxin B1 with its powerful absorption, more than 75% of aflatoxin B1 is eliminated.

  9. The NF can absorb Escherichia coli, and the viable count of Escherichia coli in the suspension is reduced to 1/10,000.

  10. The absorption ability of NF is about 3 times stronger than Bentnite and about 6 times than Zeolite.

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