The ingredient from the natural vegetation extract can moisturize the skin from the dryness. It can smoother the skin and protect the skin from sunburn through it's natural ingredient of ultra micro titanium oxide, and soften the stimulation cause by UV, also whitening the spots and freckles with the special placenta extract formulation.


The natural vegetation extract penetrate into the skin horny surface to maintain the moisture and softening the skin. It prevents the spots and freckles which comes from the result of sunburn and keeps the skin in a good and health condition. It can be used as refreshing water upon the skin for a walk.

Facial washing cream

The cream type Facial washing cream contains a rich of vegetation fatty acid extracted from natural plants. Pearl-like smooth foam activate to remove the stains from the skin and helps to maintain the skin keep in condition of fresh, soft and cleanliness. It formulated from natural vegetation extraction which functioning to soften and minimize the stimulation, also prevent the dryness of the skin and make the skin more brilliance.

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