Nama Vac MD

Marek's Disease Vaccine - Serotype 3, FC 126 Strain of Turkey Herpesvirus

  Lyophilized (freeze-dried) live vaccine for the vaccination of chickens against Marek's disease.


  • Nama Vac MD is a live, cell culture adapted virus vaccine. It has been lyophilized in vials and sealed under vacuum to preserve the stability.


Each dose contains not less than 103 PFU of the virus


  • This vaccine is recommended for vaccination of chickens against Marek's disease for initial vaccination.

Vaccination schedule

  • This vaccine is recommended for use at day one of age, as a single dose at the hatchery.


  • Subcutaneous method :
    • Rehydrate the vaccine with diluent.
    • Using a 20 gauge, 1/2 inch needle inject 0.2 ml of the vaccine in the free subcutaneous space in the mid neck region.
    • Insert the needle through the skin on the mid line. Avoid inserting the needle through the side.
  • Vaccination reaction :
    • Poor vaccination technique can result in swelling in the head or neck region.


    1. Birds clinically ill or weakened by transport should not be vaccinated.
    2. Do not rehydrate vaccine with diluents until ready for use.
    3. Use entire content of the vial when first opened.
    4. Do not vaccinate during 21 days before slaughter.
    5. All used vials and unused content should be disposed safely.
    6. Care should be taken to avoid the vaccine coming in contact with the bird's eyes or mouth.
    Store between + 2°C ( 35°F) to 7°C (45°F).

    Available in lyophilised vials of 500, 1000 & 2000 dose sizes.

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